I've been really busy. Didn't have a lot of time to figure out this: "How do I share a tiny film-thing". I decided on Vimeo because it felt like the most private. They also enable you to take your video back... This is how it turned out thus far:

and as a gif? Hmm. still with an arrow in the middle. .

Without an arrow? Yes! that's a huge improvement....I could actually live with that. No advertisements; no ugly logo's. Am I allowed to say that? Is mr. Vimeo reading this? My next mission will be to find a way to stop this automatic loop...It's unsettling.

I decided to add some films to Vimeo first. Why? Because I'm able to. Next: Probably in the summer-break I may have time to do some serious search for new skills (most likely the 'stop turning- thing') For now I wil just draw or paint.Why? Because I can..